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Last updated on Thursday the 16th of February 2006

Larger pictures have been reduced to 800x600 pixels and file sizes are shown below each thumbnail.

Norfolk - 29 January 2006

Photos from our day out in Norfolk.

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Rogered Rover

This is a collection of photos from Roger to supplement his articles about building a 100" hybrid.

Note that in this gallery each 800x600 pixel photo can be clicked on to see the full size photo at 2272x1504 pixels (sizes around 1.7Mb).

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Laning - 4 December 2005

Darren's photos of our vehicles parked up for lunch.

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Venture 4x4 (Three Holes) - 22 May 2005

The full story is in this article by Dave H but here are lots more pictures.

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Daan having "A bit of an 'off'", Tixover - 10 April 2005

In response to a message advertising parts for sale on the group mailing list Daan replied: "I need a set of S3 front wings after having a bit of an 'off' in Tixover yesterday."

A slight understatement perhaps!

A sequence of photos was provided, from which a sample of stills has been placed in the gallery. An animation has also been constructed and is approximately 2.5 MB large.

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Solstice Beer Festival, Happisburgh - 18-20 June 2004

Dave Hunns took these photos at this enjoyable and relaxing weekend which was attended by a number of group members. Although the weather wasn't too good, with some heavy showers at times, we were lucky to enjoy a sunny spell for the traditional Saturday night barbecue.

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Laning Evening - 19 May 2004

Steve and Dave provided these photos of the highlights/mishaps of the evening.
(The first 3 are from Dave and the rest are from Steve)

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Daan's Hybrid - 3 April 2004

Roger took these photos of Daan's hybrid while they were at the Sodbury Sortout. Note the lowered roof and the load bed floor which has also been lowered and provides additional storage space under the waffle boards which fit in at the original floor level.

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Laning Evening - 19 June 2002

At the pub meet someone suggested that the longer days would give a good opportunity to explore some of the local lanes in the evening. So a date was set for a week after the meeting and a group of us spent several hours happily trundling around to the South West of Cambridge.

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Venture 4x4 (Three Holes) - 9 June 2002

John had just acquired a new (to him) 90 and, having unsuccessfully experimented with it as a 3x3, wanted to take it off road and get it muddy. So he persuaded Dave and Dave to join him for a day at the Venture 4x4 site at Three Holes near Wisbech.

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Driving Day - 28 December 2001

To help fill in the gap between Christmas and New Year Ben arranged the use of a local farmer's field and we marked out a course. Despite being generally flat there were some very soft areas and some tractor ruts to cross at awkward angles which made things surprisingly interesting.

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Miscellaneous Pictures

OLRG member's vehicles crossing a ford.

Vehicle line-up at a camping weekend together with The Series 2 Club.

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