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Having got the engine running, I put the marquee up in the garden once more, & drove the Landie out of the garage & under the marquee.

I had figured out a way of getting the 110 handbrake lever to marry up to the Rangie handbrake linkage, this involved welding a piece of tube on top of the existing Rangie pivot bracket, & using this as a pivot point for a pendulum that connected with a bar to the 110 handbrake lever.

I mocked this up in wood to prove the theory, & then made one in metal.

The reinforcing plate that mounts the handbrake lever to the seat box had to be modified by enlarging the cable hole to clear a piece of bar.

I then removed the series rear bulkhead & seat box & positioned the 110 tub on the chassis. Next I measured the door apertures to establish how much I had to move the bulkhead back by.

Drilling through numerous spot welds enabled me to remove the bulkhead & B post assembly.

The next step was to cut back the tub floor & wheel boxes & reposition the bulkhead & temporarily bolt it in place.

I then refitted the series seat box with the 110 handbrake, fitted tailgate hinge to the rear cross member, fitted the tailgate, filled the tub up with body panels etc., & drove it back into the garage.

This would be the last time I could do any work on the vehicle until after we had moved

Well, with the move & then my mother being taken ill & passing away, it was eight months before I was able to start working on the Landie again.

All the panels etc. that had been stored in the rear tub were removed, & then the tub itself was removed & taken outside to be thoroughly cleaned.

After cleaning the bulkhead was riveted/bolted in position.

After careful measurement the excess material (about 200mm) was removed from the tub sides.

The tub was then refitted to the chassis. Plates were made from the tops of the 90 tub wing boxes to fill the holes in the 110 tub. The 90 bulkhead was then modified & fitted in the 110 tub about 53cm behind the original bulkhead to leave a 90-size area behind it. The area between is for the LPG tank.

The 110 rear panels were then removed by drilling thro’ spot welds, & the original series panels were then riveted in place.

The 110 ‘B’ posts were badly corroded around the seat box mounting holes, so these were removed & replaced with ones from the series tub, then the side of the tub was hammered around the ‘B’ post to form a lip as on the original.

New side cappings were fabricated from various series/110 bits to suit the new tub length & to accommodate the second bulkhead.

The tub was unbolted from the chassis & winched clear to allow me to under seal all of the underside, the tub was then lowered & bolted into position.

The rear panels & the fuel filler recess were then painted, & when the paint was dry the filler pipe was fitted.

Hopefully the tub has been bolted in position for the final time & I can now turn my attentions to the seat box area

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