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Rogered Rover - Part 2 - May 2004




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Since the first report I have finished removing all fixings to the rear tub, removed the rubbing strips & disconnected the wiring.

I then removed the radiator, oil cooler & the gas valve & pipe work.

Next to go were the dash, parcel tray & heater box.

Dave B. told me of some one who had had a 101 bell housing & gearbox for sale some time ago so I emailed him, & he replied, saying that he would have another one in a couple of weeks, so I told him I was interested.

It was now Easter, & this is a time when we traditionally have a blitz on the garden – stuff has to be planted when stuff has to be planted – so no work on the project, although the family came over one day & I enlisted their help to put up the marquees (& managed to smash the orange light on top of the cab in doing so).

When I next had chance to work I removed the doors, which meant I pulled out 4 bolts, no nuts were fitted!

I then fitted some dexion across the door apertures using the stay & striker plate holes, to hold the front & rear bulkheads at the correct pitch.

I then removed the truck cab, which had only been fitted with a few bolts to keep the weather out.

Bonnet was next.

It was now the day of the April pub meet, so I took the opportunity to take some measurements of Dave’s Stage 1 & his lightweight’s replacement rear cross member, which I think may be useful in the future.

Next to go were the Brake pedal/servo/master cylinder assy & the clutch pedal & master cylinder.

These were followed by the steering wheel, & eventually the steering column, after I had received advice on the hardware required to separate it from the drop arm!

The heater & heater motor were next, & the bulkhead is now looking bare.

Nigel T. was giving away a skeletal bulkhead, & I thought that this may be useful, even if only as a template when making new transmission tunnel, so this was added to the mountain of metal in the garage.

I was now getting bored with stripping vehicles, & it was about 3 weeks since the 101 bits were going to be available in 2, & no news.

I decided I needed to do something significant, so I drew a line around the middle of the Landie & followed it with the angle grinder, then pulled the back away from the front – seeing a gap between the 2 parts was satisfying.

Mind The Gap

Enthusiasm restored, the petrol tank was removed, followed by the wiring harness (what a mess!) & anything else lurking in the area of the bulkhead.

The front panel was removed, then refitted back to front, so it still holds the wings in place but gives me maximum room under the bonnet for when I pop the front end on to the Rangie –WHEN!!!!

At last, some positive news on the 101 bits, so a trip to Leicester in early May saw the parts eventually in my hands.

Bell Housing

I have a holiday in the middle of May, so things will slow up again, but the next step is to swap gearbox/bell housings so that I can make new engine mounts.

I have another holiday in early September, so that gives 3 & a bit months to sort out the mounting of the body work, pedal assys & steering, as I will have to take the marquees down before Autumn gales.

This sounds like a long time, but you sit down to have a cup of tea & think about what to do next, & Xmas is here!

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