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I didn’t expect to get much done before my holiday, but actually did.

bell housings

My cousin popped round one evening & I press ganged him into helping me lift the rear tub off the landie & onto the rangie.

Next job was to phone Steve (N) & see if he was interested in doing a spot of welding, he agreed to come over & have a gander in a few days.

Part of a Bull Bar had been welded to the front of the RR chassis, so I cut this off with the grinder.

Next both props were disconnected, steering pump reservoir removed & engine separated from box & moved forward & rested on front chassis member.

RR gearbox out, 101 gearbox in – it took about as long as it took to type this sentence!

gearbox in

Card templates were then made up for the new engine mounts.

Steve came over & agreed to get involved, he suggested that a 90 rear X member might fit better than a Landie.

Next was a week in the Isle of Wight.

After that a trip to Landys at Ingham near Bury ST Eds to order a rear cross member.

One of their guys has built a few hybrids & suggested a 110 cross member would be most suitable, so that is what I ordered.

I then removed RR rear bumper & loosened petrol tank bolts – my measurements suggest I might be able to retain this in its original position.

chassis rear

I then removed or loosened all the remaining fixings on the Landie front body, & marked the front wings with the position of the front axle.

Mac had mentioned at the pub meet that he had a 90 bulkhead that was of no use to him, so as the series bulkhead & dash were a bit worse for wear I decided to have a look. It is in pretty good nick & has a bigger transmission tunnel hole, so I will use this.

I picked up the cross member from Landys & on getting home made up a cardboard template of it – it looks very promising.

Next step was to jack up chassis & block up so that it was level to give us a datum when fitting new bits.

Steve came over & firstly welded in the new engine mounts & we refitted the engine.

engine mounts

Next came a lot of measuring, offering up of templates, head scratching etc.

We first tacked some 30mm angle in place above the chassis, which will provide support for the rear tub.( I thought that this would be easier & better than several individual mounts as it gives some ‘for & aft’ flexibility)

Having done that the rear of the chassis was chopped off & the new cross member offered up & positioned in the correct position relative to the tub mounts & the axle.

cross member

cross member

This was then welded in to place & the rear body mounting angles welded to supports from the chassis.

There is room for the petrol tank, so another piece of angle was welded across the back of the chassis rails, just in front of the rear chassis member, to give me the option to fit it if I want.

The next day I removed the RR front suspension & lowered the chassis down onto the bump stops & removed the Landie front wheels & lowered the axle to the ground.

This is to make the transfer of the Landie front body easier within the height restrictions of my temporary workshop.

Bloody good weekend or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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