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On what was probably the hottest day of the year, I was under the rear tub of the Landie with a heat gun, scraping off underseal.

Having scraped areas clean on both inner wings, I pop riveted plates on to hold the tub together. I also welded (badly) the cappings together temporarily.

I then removed the front springs & dampers from the landie & removed engine/gearbox fixings.

Steve came over & collected the engine & box, the combined weight of which bowed the arm of my engine hoist (well, it was originally intended for minis!!).

Over the next couple of weeks, I completed stripping the Landie chassis.

I then took down the marquee that was over it, & with a bit of help from Lainey & quite a bit of ingenuity got the chassis onto my trailer.

Another couple of weeks, & all the series bodywork was removed from the rangie (hybrid) chassis.

The engine & gearbox were then removed & stored in the lean-to.

The next step was to move things around in the garage so that I could get the rolling chassis in.

chassis in garage

The Arkley was removed from the garage & will spend the winter in the lean-to.

My son-in-law popped over one Saturday afternoon, & with his & Lainey’s help the chassis was pushed from the garden round into the garage, & the second marquee was taken down.

Three weeks later, & the chassis is completely stripped.

chassis stripped

I have been surprised at how readily most of the nuts & bolts have come undone on two vehicles over 25 years old.

Stripping the rangie chassis, I only encountered two problems – one was a bolt on the panhard rod which I had to resort to grinding thro’, & the second was the ball joint that attaches the self levelling unit to the rear axle, but as I won’t be using the self levelling unit, I used the angle grinder to remove the body of the unit & will try to remove the ball joint from the axle later.

The chassis is also in good condition for 28 years old, it has not been welded, there is no severe corrosion apart from one bracket that supported a body mount, & I will be removing that anyway.

The next stage is to grind off surplus brackets, clean the chassis back to bare metal & paint it.

Then I can actually start to build a hybrid!!

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