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Rogered Rover - Part 6 - December 2004




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All unwanted brackets were removed from the chassis & then the process of cleaning up the chassis began.

This revealed a couple of holes, so I had to drag Steve over to put things right.

stripped chassis

At the same time he finished welding the Landie steering brackets to the chassis, where they had been inaccessible due to the engine, & I also got him to weld a couple of brackets onto the front suspension turrets for the brake pipes – these were originally mounted on the inner wings, but as the series wings are in a different position I measured my other RR & cut some angle that could be welded on the suspension turrets & provide mounting holes in the correct position.

After a lot of hard graft the chassis was back to bare metal, & then I painted it with 2 coats of ‘Galvfroid’ followed by 2 coats of black agricultural paint.

painted chassis

In between painting, I melted the rubber bushes out of the suspension arms & started to remove the bushes.

When the final coat of paint was dry, I bolted on the new polyurethane bump stops that I had bought.

The build had begun!!

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